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Coaching and consulting firm specializing in helping people transition from working full time to retirement and owning their own businesses. 

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Andrea Huff is an executive coach and an expert at helping clients navigate their third chapter and retirement vision. She is a write, coaching and consulting expert specializing in helping people transition from working full time to retirement and owning their own businesses. 


Preparing for Retirement

Are you ready to transition from a full time career into active retirement? It’s a wonderful opportunity to shift gears and focus on what you want to do, and who you want to become. So many retired people say they are busier than when they were working. The question is, are you following your calling and living life on your terms? Do you know who you really want to be at this stage of your life? Do you know what will give you the greatest sense of purpose and satisfaction?

The third stage of life is an opportunity to shift gears and focus only on what you want to do and who you want to become. Some people have it figured out, but many don’t, and end up feeling like they’re spending time on busywork, property maintenance, appointments, or whatever activity demands their time. Leisure is fun for a while, but even people who didn't like their jobs much find that they miss working. They haven’t found a roadmap to transition to a new life of purpose.

Life after career can be exciting and more fun than working for others, if you’re doing things you love. It’s my pleasure as an author and a coach to help clients explore and plan for all that the third stage of life has to offer.

Learn more about my coaching services and my book to help you make every night Friday night!

I’ve been a successful interior designer for 30 years thanks to Andrea and it has been an incredible fit. This decision would not have been possible without Andrea’s guidance.

Presently, a new business opportunity has come up and as most of my friends are retiring, I decided to return to seek Andrea’s help once again. I want to decide the best way to spend this next stage of my life in terms of work, new business opportunities, family commitments and a new focus on making these years meaningful and fulfilling in a way that that puts life first.

Andrea is gifted, intuitive, compassionate and has years of experience helping people explore and find the right path for the next course of their lives. If you are looking for a coach to help you in this area, my recommendation is look no further.
— Arden Hawley, Owner, Arden Hawley Interior Design