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Coaching and consulting firm specializing in helping people transition from working full time to retirement and owning their own businesses. 

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Andrea Huff is an executive coach and an expert at helping clients navigate their third chapter and retirement vision. She is a write, coaching and consulting expert specializing in helping people transition from working full time to retirement and owning their own businesses. 

Every Night Is Friday Night Retirement Planning Coach Book Cover

Reviews for Every Night's Friday Night

Every Night’s Friday Night is a compelling, honest and unique guide to exploring the third stage of life. Andrea integrates many interesting sources and personal accounts as well as sharing her own first-hand experiences and point of view. The result is both realistic and aspirational!
— Kevin Gagan, EVP, Global Sales and Marketing Lee Hecht Harrison
This book is brilliant. Leave it to Andrea Huff to put a whole new spin on the term retirement. Rather than looking at this time of life as a winding down, pulling in and preparing for the ending, she has breathed life into what is actually a rich time of life. Her methodology for helping mature adults find purpose and meaning is original, extraordinary and effective. I have taken her principles to heart and developed a third stage plan for my life that I am very excited about. And that plan included the completion of my book! Hats off to Andrea and the concept that Every Night’s Friday Night.
— Terrie Carpenter, Author, Hello, My Name is Pain, PT, Pain Management Specialist, Founder, Allies for Change
Andrea has completed a “must read” for lifelong learners who are curious about how to design the third stage of life. I am amazed at how she has chosen ideal role models and succinctly captured their nuggets for living a full life no matter our age. Her intimate portrayal of her struggles and achievements in her transition deepened my respect and awe. I am inspired by Andrea Huff, her executive coaching, and her first book.
— Lita Reyes, CEO, Reyes Philanthropic Solutions
Andrea Huff has always had a unique way of working with clients during her career - and now this book succinctly summarizes much of her high impact work with those approaching retirement and aging. From her use of design thinking and paradox theory, she creates a lens through which each person can see multiple options for both their work and personal life. We are lucky she has taken the time to put them into this volume and allow us to be inspired towards aging; all the positives we can create as well as acknowledging the challenges. Andrea is a great coach and while I’ve personally benefited from working with her, with this book many will now be able to experience that same value.
— Diana Sullivan, Executive Leadership and Transition Coach
This book is a find. Andrea has a gift for embracing life change as an opportunity to find a new and better way forward. She brings many years of experience as a career counselor and executive coach to the task of crafting the third chapter of our lives. We are her clients in this book as she helps us find our way to happiness and satisfaction. We are fortunate to have her help!
— Pamela Martin M.D.
Since I’m about 10 years away from retirement, I was inspired by the holistic approach this book provides. It made me think about things in a whole new way and now I have much more confidence in forging the path to the retirement I always dreamed of having.
— Maureen Viano, SVP, Region Operations Director Lee Hecht Harrison

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